Check out our story, see what drives us and makes us tick—we’ll try not to make this all about us, even if it is the about us page.


Why bother telling you a bunch of humble-brags about ourselves, instead, we’d prefer to share some amazing ways we are connected to our clients and the SaaS community.

Why bother telling you a bunch of humble-brags about ourselves, instead, we’d prefer to share some amazing ways we are connected to the SaaS world. Here you’ll find a nice smattering of communities we are nurturing, such as co-organizing London’s local SaaStock chapter, The Growth Hack, on and on — Connect with us on Facebook, and join us!


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our story

The story of how KOAH became KOAH starts not too long ago when two young Londoners met, and instantaneously became best friends. But before they were KOAH, they were Kai and Noah with two unique origin stories. The thread that unites them is that they were both innately driven to where they are now from a young age, both were social media mavens and punchy DIY-ers before they were even able to legally drive. Curious? Keep reading…

a brief History


Enter Noah. We’ll start with our co-founder’s adventures in hustlin’ iPhones as a scrappy teen in North West London. Yeah. Mad. Check out this photo. Kid went viral for being a supply-demand enterpriser, strategizing how to play the iPhone hysteria of  2013 when he was just a young teenager.

Hungry to go beyond the classic 9-5 drudgery, Noah knew he had to lay the foundation. To get from there to here, he had to learn the basics. Fast. For four years, Noah hustled with Paddle. In fact, he was one of only the first ten employees there. Read his success story here.

2015 - 2016

Enter Kai Hatchman, KOAH co-founder numero dos. Actually, scratch that. Kai saunters. Literally. A former model, catwalk extraordinaire. Kai’s, like, an OG Influencer. He gets it. And by ‘it,’ we mean social media growth hacking, the relationship between branding, positioning, voice and content—the whole enchilada. When Noah and Kai collided, it was the spark they both needed. The yin to the yang. (K-OAH, get it?)


Picture this. Two young dudes, heads-down, working hard together, but imagining, and planning a future down the road where they can share their expertise. It’s the reason KOAH wants to work with fast-growing SaaS companies. We have the same hunger to be independent, agile and creative that our clients do. If we sound like the type of agency partners you need to elevate your SaaS, let’s connect.

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